About Yes4Consulting

Yes! You are the most wonderful life on this planet!! Keep Smiling!!

Yes! We are a global company truly inspired with life. Our endeavor is to ensure that there are simple ways to enjoy this great life beyond all limitations. Every second, about four lives enter our human family to share the Grace of this planet and its resources. It is our dream to bring ‘smile’ on at least few lives every second. Inspired by evolution of human life, we aspire to grow more than a Consulting company. We are committed to enhance the quality of life and foster global harmony through business and individual transformations.

Human life exist on this planet as the most important part and our existence depends on the well being of our world. There is a fundamental link between Food and Health and Well-being for existentiality and survival. At Yes4 Consulting, we understand that these essential links add value to human life and hence our business portfolio, our services, our solutions and products are custom made with closer proximity to human life. Over the years, we diversified our specializations into the niche area of Healthcare & Hospitals (Yes4Healthcare), Food Service & Manufacturing (Yes4Foodies), Small & Medium Enterprises (Yes4Enterprises) and Grants Management (Yes4Grants).

Your Excellent Source for Consulting

Founded by a team of entrepreneurs who enjoy life to their full potential, Yes4Consulting Global began modestly in Singapore with its footprints in ASEAN countries and India. Our passionate healthcare practitioners, enthusiastic food service specialists and enterprising business entrepreneurs demonstrate the consulting capabilities in their respective domain. Today, Yes4Consulting spearhead in providing simplified solutions for implementation to customers in 10 ASEAN Countries, India, UAE, Selected Middle East and African Countries. Our Clients include Hospitals, Restaurants, Food Chains, Life Sciences and Small & Medium Enterprises.

Guided by Turn Key Industry Practitioners & Specialists (TIPS) from Healthcare Industry, Food Service Industry and Business Enterprises, Yes4Consulting shall serve as ‘Your Excellent Source for Consulting’ in all its depth and dimensions for transforming your business. Yes4Consulting offers specialised services for the business enterprise to attain fundamental structure, sound processes and reach their ultimate potential as an outcome.

We maintain top rank experts who are Registered Management Consultants, Certified Management Consultants with global certifications related to specific Industry. Our Business management executives, Healthcare professionals. Hospitalists, Hospital Management Practitioners, Hospital Accreditation Consultants, Food Service Specialists, Food Technologists and Subject matter experts allows us to share, apply diverse insights and breakthroughs across industries.

Yes4 is a privately held Global company aiming to engage, employ and empanel the talents as Consultants, Auditors, Trainers, Subject Matter Experts, Strategic partners. Yes4Global goes ‘Glocal’- All-inclusive not lesser than 100 lives in our team by 2020. We bring global resources and tailor make local solutions. We have achieved splendid reception to operate currently in 12 countries and our resource team members include full time, part time, flexible resource partners integrated into our system.

We are moms and dads, We are Children, We are Friends, We are Partners, We are Family, We are LIFE!!

Life is Simple, Let’s Enjoy!

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